Building a Catio: 8 Cat Enclosure Ideas for Decks and Patios

Cat Enclosure Ideas

If you’re a fur parent, you would know that there’s no greater joy for cats but to explore spaces,
big or small. However, the expanse of the great outdoors can be dangerous for them to roam
around, especially if your furry friend is an indoor, introverted type. However, letting them
explore a little bit of the outdoors with little supervision can be possible! If you have a deck or
patio in your home, a little bit of sprucing up and DIY can turn the space into a feline-friendly
play space! In this guide, we’ll list some ideas on how you can transform your available space
into a fun-filled catio!

Window Box Catio

As the name implies, a window box catio is a box extended from your home’s window. You can
do this by attaching a meshed box from your house’s exterior, attaching it to your window. Once
secured, your cat can lounge in this box, entering from the inside and basking in the happenings
outside! If you’re a multi-cat household, you may want to upgrade to a bigger box and create a
multi-level space so your other cats have space to sit around. Add in some pillows and sheets to
make their experience extra comfy and snug!

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Tunnel Catio

We all have that cat who can’t stay put in one place, jolting around without abandon. If you want
to give him or her the space to roam around while reveling in the outdoors, a tunnel catio is the
most suitable enclosure! Attach these long and thin horizontal tunnels from your home exterior’s
perimeter to make sure he or she has ample space to roam around. Before you begin
constructing, don’t forget to measure your cat’s size first so the tunnel length, width, and
thickness are adequate and appropriate for his or her size.

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Vertical Catio

If you have a smaller deck, a vertical catio might work as a space-saving option for your fur
children. There’s no indoor pet that doesn’t love to climb endless steps as much as cats, so this
vertical cat pad will surely be your feline friend’s favorite space! To make the most of your
vertical enclosure, take into account what your cat likes. Does he or she like ramps or
hammocks? Or maybe upper shelves as an observation deck? Remember to take note of your
cat’s likes and dislikes before adding climbing or lounging levels to their space. Some cats love
to perch and rest on shelves, while adventurous ones use them as an obstacle course.

Portable Catio

If you want to watch out for your cat in various parts of your home, a portable catio may be just
what you need! These enclosures can be purchased, or you can build one yourself. These big
and mobile catios are easy to bring around anywhere, even when camping or picnicking
anywhere. If your furry friend likes to lounge around the beach or home’s front yard, you can
easily open and close it up. These usually are surrounded by mesh covering for your cat’s
optimal viewing and play.

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Enclosed Garden Catio

If you like to garden, you can bring your cat along with you as you tend to your plants! Trust us
when we say that this collaborative activity will stimulate your cats as they watch you adorn your
garden. You can construct this garden catio with a few pieces of pressure-treated wood,
galvanized fence wire, brackets, and nails. When in doubt, ask a woodworker or carpenter in
your area. This way, you can rest assured that the measurements, durability, and safety are in

Rooftop Catio

It’s a natural instinct for cats to lounge in higher places, so a rooftop catio will be loved by your
furry friends no matter what! If you have a roofed deck, this catio can provide your cat with an
abundance of space to roam around during sunny and fair weather. Like in the other catios
we’ve mentioned, you can throw around some shelves and ramps for them to revel in at above
ground level. However, if it’s naturally rainy and wet in your area, this catio may not be the most
ideal, as it won’t get as used by your cat as much and maintenance can be difficult.

Multi-Level Deck Catio

If you’d like to dedicate a significant portion of your deck as your cat’s playground, you can opt
for a multi-level cat pad for an expansive and free space! This is all about customization, based
on your cat or cats’ preferences. With different levels and ramps attached, you can create an
enthralling playground that will be enjoyed by your furry friends for hours on end! There are
many material options to choose from. If you want to keep your entire deck dedicated to this
space, you can enclose it with galvanized and rust-free wiring. If you only want a small part
covered, you can use pressure-treated lumber to keep the part attached to your door.
These unique and custom cat enclosure ideas are sure to give your feline friends the times of
their lives as they explore and observe the outdoors safely. You can choose from a variety of
styles, depending on the type of patio or deck you have. If you’re unsure which to opt for and
build, you can always reach out to a reputable deck contractor to construct the space expertly
and safely. Make sure to observe your furry friend’s preference, too! Does he or she like a

vertical patio to climb up and down, or a tunnel to dash around to? Whatever it is, he or she will
surely enjoy the space you crafted!

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