6 Reasons Why Your Dog Stares at You From a Far Away

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Every dog ​​owner has probably had the experience of noticing their dog staring at them from afar. From the day you adopt your dog, you will be stared at by your dog. In time, you will be able to understand your dog’s feelings from the way he looks at you. We will introduce the main psychology behind dogs staring at you from far away, as well as how to respond.

Why Your dog stares at you from far away

Although we shouldn’t think of dogs and humans in the same way, there are still many similarities between them. This may be because they have a long history of living together compared to other animals.

You will often notice that your dog is staring at you from a distance. Basically, animals never make eye contact with their enemies. Even among us humans, there aren’t many of us who would try to make eye contact with someone we’re angry at.

However, dogs are one of the few animals that can communicate with humans through eye contact. However, they rarely stare at someone they are completely uninterested in. There are reasons and psychological conditions at work for dogs to stare at their owners.

This time, I would like to introduce the main reasons and psychological state of dogs staring at their owners from a distance, as well as how to respond.

1. Observation

Whether your dog has just been brought into your home or has been with you for many years, your dog will always be watching you from a distance. The reason for this is mostly “observation”.

Dogs that have just been adopted are observing their owners, trying to get to know what kind of person they are. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity to subtly demonstrate that you are not a threat to your dog.

Dogs that have lived with their owners for a long time closely observe what their owners do next. This is because the owner is in a position to lead the dog in whatever he does. However, owners should be careful not to create a relationship that poses a threat to their dog.

2. waiting

Dogs often stare at their owners from a distance when they are looking forward to something fun. In most cases, the times for meals, walks, etc. will be the same every day depending on the lifestyle of the owner.

Dogs have a sense of time, so they sense that it’s almost time for ◯◯ and look at their owners expectantly, asking, “Not yet? Not yet.”

3. Vigilance

On the other hand, they may stare at their owners with a sense of caution, wanting to avoid something unpleasant.

They can also detect unpleasant activities such as brushing teeth, shampooing, going to the doctor, etc. based on the time and the owner’s behavior, so they keep an eye on the owner’s actions to see if they will get caught.

4. Interest

If the owner’s behavior is different from usual, the dog may look at the owner with a curious feeling, asking, “What’s going on?” or “Maybe something good is going to happen!”

When an owner is depressed or tearful, their dog will often cuddle up to them or lick their tears, but this is also a result of observing the owner and noticing that the dog’s behavior is different than usual. It’s an action.

5. Request

Dogs can communicate by making eye contact with humans, so they may stare at their owners from afar, trying to euphemize their requests.

Rather than waiting with anticipation or observing with caution, you may be trying to tell them “quickly” or “no” in a more proactive manner.

If your dog is demanding, he or she will often stare at you while waving his or her tail. If you still have trouble getting them to notice you, you’ll likely become more aggressive in your requesting behavior.

6. Expression of affection

Even if you are a pet owner, you may have noticed that your pet is curious about someone they like, even if there is no particular reason for it, and before you know it, they are following you with their eyes.

In the same way, dogs seem to be curious about their beloved owners and may end up following their actions with their eyes.

How owners should respond

It has been shown that when a pet dog and its owner look at each other, the hormone oxytocin is actively secreted in both bodies, fostering a bond similar to that between a mother and her child. If you feel a loving gaze from your dog, try making eye contact while gently petting your dog.

If you sense a request in your dog’s gaze, you need to be careful not to easily meet their expectations without thinking deeply.

If you respond to requests every time, they will learn that “If you do this, you will get ◯◯,” and if the request is not met, the requesting behavior may escalate. It’s a good idea to set rules for what you can and cannot respond to, and try to respond in a balanced manner.

If you are always careful about behavior that might scare or stress your dog, there is generally no need to react if you notice that your dog is being watched closely.

However, if your dog dislikes things like brushing his teeth or going to the doctor, it will be easier to notice if you make preparations routine. It’s a good idea to be able to take action quickly so that you don’t get alarmed. As a result, the stress on your dog will be reduced.


We have introduced the reasons why your dog is staring at its owner from a distance, its psychological state, and how to deal with it.

Basically, dogs and humans have a unique relationship where they can communicate through eye contact.

Make good use of eye contact with your dog to build a better relationship.

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