15 Best Cat Breeds For Families In The United States In 2023

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Welcoming a furry friend into your circle of relatives is a choice that requires careful consideration and research. Cat breeds make exquisite partners, offering love, affection, and entertainment. 

With such pretty few awesome cat breeds to pick out from, it is essential to discover a breed that fits your family’s way of existence and alternatives. In this blog, you will be able to explore the 15 remarkable cat breeds for households in the USA in 2023. 

When choosing a breed for you and your family, you will first have to decide what kind of breed will suit you and your family’s temperament. Further, if you are willing to adopt a furry companion that is calm and cute, you will have to prepare to take care of these sweeties. 

First of all, you will have to gather important information about maintaining the diet plan for different cat breeds. You will also have to know about the food reactions like foods or seasonings that might be allergic to cats. All of these details will help you to be prepared to take care of your pretty friends.

This will provide in-depth detail of each breed’s developments, temperament, and suitability for households. Whether or not you are seeking out an energetic and playful breed or a greater laid-lower back, cuddly accomplice, you will get all the relevant details here.

1. Maine Coon:

With their slight and sociable nature, Maine Coons are commonly known as “moderate giants.” called the largest domesticated cat breed, they may be playful, smart, and top-notch with children. Maine Coons have captivating tufted ears and hairy tails, making them an attractive addition to any own family.

Opposed to their size, they are highly affectionate and adorable when you cuddle these pretty hairy breeds. The nature of this breed is friendly and is not harmful to even children in the family. 

2. Ragdoll:

Ragdolls are widely known for their docile and easygoing temperament, giving them the nickname “domestic dog cats.” they have an affectionate nature, often following their people across the house. Ragdolls are also known for their beautiful blue eyes and clean, silky fur.

These cats are heavy in weight but what makes them different and unique from other breeds is their affinity and distinct colour-print coat. They are overly cute and have medium fur that will not be allergic to humans.

3. Abyssinian:

Abyssinians are surprisingly energetic and love to find out, making them suitable for energetic households. Those cats are clever and playful, and experience interacting with their human friends and family members. Their quick, ticked coat offers them a completely unique and particular look.

The greenish and shiny eyes of these cats make them adorable. These cats come in different colours of coats, they are also known as simply “abys”. If you and your family are active enough to take good care of the proper and regular exercise by playing with this breed then there will be no other better choice than abys.

4. Siamese:

Siamese cats are identified for their charming blue almond-formed eyes and outstanding colour-pointed coat. They are active, and social, and thrive on companionship, making them first-rate for households that revel in interacting with their pets.

This Asian breed is one of the different varieties of cats found abundantly in Thailand. Now, this breed is just not liked in various European and North American countries but the adoption rate of this specific breed is also increasing with time. 

5. Sphynx:

In case you are searching for an unconventional and low-protection cat breed, the Sphynx is probably the right choice for your own family. These hairless cats have a nice and affectionate nature notwithstanding their specific appearance. 

Sphynxes require ordinary bathing to preserve their pores and skin without difficulty. This breed is the best option for families that are allergic to cat hair and fur. These are quiet and innocent souls that you will not have to pay much time for proper maintenance.

Proper timely bathing, a routine diet plan, and regular exercise by playing with them are all that you will need to do with this breed. They are highly affectionate and polite and do not make a mess. They love to be in a circle of children.

6. Birman:

Birmans are often described as gentle and sweet-natured cats. They are recognized for their beautiful big blue eyes and silky semi-longhair coat that does not make any mess. Those cats are well-appropriate for families seeking out a loving and calm accomplice.

These domestic cats come with long hair of a silky coat that makes them more adorable as compared to other breeds of cats. They have got the cutest white gloves-like lining on each of their paws. 

This breed is native to Barma as the name makes it clear, they are sensitive, highly intelligent, and adaptive to different types of regions and atmospheres. They love to play with children and are considered one of the best choices for families with caring behaviour.

7. Scottish Fold:

With their one-of-a-kind folded ears and lovable round face, Scottish Folds have received recognition over time. They are clever, and sociable, and revel in the enterprise of children and distinct pets. Scottish Folds can adapt well to condo living.

This breed with an owl-like appearance is the best for families that love cats that are naughty and innocent at the same time. Their eyes are widely opened which makes a sense that they are highly active. 

8. Persian:

The Persian breed is thought for its regal appearance and high-priced lengthy fur. Those cats have a peaceful and mild disposition, making them suitable for households with a smooth manner of lifestyles. Persians require everyday grooming to maintain their coat in pristine instances.

Now, this breed is considered one of the most liked breeds all over the world. The best suitable atmosphere for this breed is a cold atmosphere because they have a heavy furry coat that will keep them warm even in harsh weather conditions. 

9. American Shorthair:

As one of the maximum well-known cat breeds within the United States of America, American Shorthairs are versatile and adapt nicely to numerous residing conditions. They may be low-maintenance, affectionate, and get alongside nicely with kids and other pets. 

American Shorthairs are available in diverse coat colourations and styles, adding a touch of variety to your family and pussycat accomplices. They are physically active and energetic which makes them a perfect addition to an active family. Choose this breed if you have young children at home that love to play with cats.

10. British Shorthair:

The British Shorthair is a sturdy and stocky breed, identified for its spherical face and dense, plush coat. They have a non-violent temperament, making them appropriate for households with a laid-lower-returned way of life. British Shorthairs are remarkable partners and are generally true with kids and unique animals.

11. Burmese:

Burmese cats are recognized for their friendly and affectionate nature. They shape strong bonds with their families and experience being in their presence. Burmese cats have a lovable short, silky coat and have a tendency to be quite playful and active, making them perfect for energetic households.

12. Bengal:

If you are searching for a breed that resembles a mini leopard, the Bengal is probably an appropriate preference. Recounted for his or her setting spots and rosettes, Bengals are extraordinarily lively and thrive in surroundings in which they are able to interact in play and intellectual stimulation. Bengals are not encouraged for families with very younger youngsters.

13. Chartreux:

Chartreux cats have precise slate-grey coats and fascinating copper or gold eyes. They are recounted for their calm and mild temperament and get along nicely with youngsters and one-of-a-kind pets. Chartreux cats are fantastic partners and adapt nicely to indoor residing.

14. Tonkinese:

Tonkinese cats are an affectionate and sociable breed, frequently defined as “humans-oriented.” they have a playful and lively nature, making them top-notch companions for families looking for an energetic feline buddy. Tonkinese cats are available in diverse colourations and patterns, adding seen appeal to your home.

15. Devon Rex:

Devon Rex cats are famous for their massive ears, curly coat, and mischievous personalities. They may be particularly sociable and revel in being the centre of interest. Devon Rex cats love to play and hold their families entertained with their playful antics.


Choosing the proper cat breed in your own family is important to make sure of harmonious and loving courting. In 2023, we give a huge choice of cat breeds suitable for families of all sizes and existence. From the slight giants of the Maine Coon to the playful Tonkinese, there may be a breed to fit each family’s specific options and needs. 

Remember, whilst selecting a cat breed, it’s miles important to remember developments together with temperament, energy tiers, and compatibility with youngsters or special pets. Thru doing so, you may make certain a protracted-lasting and best bond with your selected tom cat partner.

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